Blog Post 6 | Connecting Studies

I started my internship at Deep Root with the hopes of pursuing a graduate degree in data analysis in order to work on campaigns in the future. Quickly, I realized this field is not quite right for me. I struggled to pick up on coding and found myself disinterested in learning more. I do best when I’m not at a desk all day long and have ample interaction with people, another major issue with data work.

After I shifted my aim to more media based projects this summer, I discovered a passion for writing through my work on press releases and company emails. I hope to take more english classes during my senior year to keep developing my skills in writing.

Through this summer, I realized my interests lie more in politics than in the dynamics of the campaign itself and therefore, should be working on the Hill or in areas with interactions with Representatives and constituents. This realization does not quite change my plans all too much. I will return to DC after graduation and will seek a job on Capitol Hill. I am debating the idea of working on a campaign during this school year in order to stay connected to DC politics; however, I am not sure my schedule will allow.

What I found most valuable about my time in DC this summer were the connections I made through networking. I met with many people who have been extremely successful while working on and off Capitol Hill, all of whom gave me great advice I can apply to my senior year and future job search. I ultimately got to hold a meeting with the founder of the fundraising firm I wish to work for and have kept in contact with him. These connections would have been impossible to make if I had not been in DC, so I am very grateful for that.


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