Final Reflection of My Shanghai Internship | #7

I’m actually at the airport right now. My flight has been delayed and then changed so I will be waiting/flying for 31 hours before I arrive in New York. I was going to make a post last week as well but I just wasn’t able to find the time to. As my internship comes to an end, things got really busy, especially with all the on-campus organizations coming back to life as well. I was also wrapping this up with CRCC Asia, the program I participated in.

As a final evaluation of my internship, I want to talk about what I gained from this internship, which partially influenced my career and life plans. Before I got to China and even before I stumbled upon CRCC Asia, I didn’t have the passion to learn and improve my Mandarin. During my experience and program in Shanghai, I believe provided me an environment to nurture my capability to grow my perspectives and see the power of language. It has really inspired me to continue improving my Chinese and also learn new languages.

Working for the beverage product company that I did, it became more apparent that my passion lies in creative and strategic projects. I really enjoy solving solutions through creative measures, knowing that an issue doesn’t equate in one answer. Because it was a smaller company, the projects I worked on involved a bunch of people working together. I found myself working in a pair or a team more than working on my own.

Although I wish I was able to assume a greater role within the company, I had an overall positive takeaway from this experience. I want to continue exploring the different cultures and environments across the world and keep growing my perspective and experience.

Even though my time in Shanghai has ended, I’m already thinking about what I am going to do and where I will be in the following years. As one door closes, another opens. Also, my network and connection have expanded exponentially and globally from the U.K. to Thailand to China to Italy and on! Nevertheless, I’ll always be connected to Shanghai.

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