Final Thoughts #5

Now that my internship is over and I am back home in Michigan, anxiously awaiting the start of my junior year, I am beginning to think how my internship experiences will impact my school year. I am an organizational studies major, which is a two year program, and so I will be taking my first official organizational studies classes this semester with my cohort. What I love about the major is that its interdisciplinary nature allows me to explore a lot of different fields. And that’s also what I did this summer.

I took advantage of working in a big office in New York City and the connections that that would open me up to. I set up meetings with people from all over the building (I highly advise any future interns to do the same). Hearing these professionals talk about their journeys has fueled me with a drive that I will carry into the coming school year.

Unfortunately, these meetings didn’t give me that much clarity on what it is that I want to do. But I have a direction (and I have connections from this summer and beyond) and I have so much passion; I’m just waiting for some sort of spark to show me somewhere to direct it towards. I have the confidence to say that I know that passion will take me to great places. I am beyond excited to dive into the organizational studies major and with my summer experiences and newfound drive in my back pocket, I am confident this year will be my best one yet.

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