Forging Relationships: Blog 4 – Mid-Point Check-In

I said initially that one of my goals was a better elevator pitch, which I have had many opportunities to do since being an intern. Going from the parking garage up to the tenth floor, I have literally been in the elevator and pitched assistants and executives through a nice introduction that have led to an engaging conversation. By doing this, I have also achieved my second goal of being more confident in talking to those who are at a higher standing than I am. This internship has also helped me to somewhat better understand what I want to do with my career because I have decided I do not want to go into representation. This realization really narrows down my future job search and interests as now I can rule out agency, management, and public relations. I think I am putting in my all into the company. I am getting all my assignments done early, am going in the maximum four days out of the week, and am forging new relationships with my peers and those higher than me. However, I could be more aggressive in finding new assignments and things to do when nothing is assigned to me directly

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