Guidance | #4

I’m grateful for the time and effort people have shown towards me throughout my internship. I got guidance from multiple people, however, there was one person who I learned a lot from. My internship has almost come to an end, and she does not know the impact she has had on me. She taught me the importance of not allowing anyone to steal my joy. I have seen her face hostile moments in her work environment, but she acted accordingly in each situation. She practiced what she preached and came out on top every time. That was highly inspirational and she is definitely how I would like to be as an employee. She made me realize the difference a little conversation and concern can make on a person. She checked on me every day and the conversation with her made me feel at ease about being an intern and asking multiple questions about how to do certain things. The best part of our relationship is the additional connections I made career and life wise. I learned a range of things from life lessons to the best food places. Learning things from her also encouraged me to talk to other employees. In turn, I ended up getting a vast amount of connections in my desired field of work. Connections are a very important part of becoming successful after college and DTE have given me a glimpse of what I need to do to make those connections.

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