Informational Interview #2 | Caddie

Today I interviewed one of the fellow caddies in the yard at Ridgewood Country Club. My internship at MetLife is parttime as well as unpaid so I got a job as a caddie to make some money in the meantime. But I digress. The caddie I interviewed has been deemed a “lifer” in the yard (someone who is a caddie for life) and is 57 years old. He is a very optimistic person and when questioned about his job he answered very positively. But when I asked him what keeps him up at night about his job, he said how the rain can stop him from eating some nights. After that he told me to keep my options open and not to end up like him and instead go on to do something better. This my technically my second summer in the caddie yard at Ridgewood because I caddied in the seventh grade but I hardly remember anything from then so this go around felt like a fresh start. More than half of the job is sitting around and waiting for your name to be called, and if you are a first year caddie who doesn’t play golf like me, you can be waiting for a long time. The caddie yard is an interesting place and because I am working part time, I felt the urge to caddie full time so I can get more pedigree in the field. However, as the summer has gone on, I have realized I shouldn’t log too much time in the yard. I don’t plan on keeping this job for more than another summer or two because if not, I run the risk of getting stuck here myself.

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