Kids Day @DTE| #3

One thing I learned throughout my internship is about how DTE gives back within the community. A lot of times people often criticize large companies for not giving back to the communities that they get so much from. What people do not think about is the people who organize events as such. My internship allowed me to see the people who go out of their way to plan activities and buy things regardless of their overwhelming work load. I watched as a batch of employees stressed with only about two weeks to plan for an event for an unknown number of kids. However, DTE’s first bring your kids to work day was a complete success. It was a chaotic master piece. I’m a food lover, so of course, I was overly excited about the food. It had the classics of grilled foods and all the snacks a kid could dream of. The day was filled with the perfect mixture of events for kids to get a glimpse of what their parents do at work. I never realized how important it is for kids to see what their parents do. It was pleasant to see the kid’s faces light up with pride. In turn, the parents were happy to see their kids proud of them. In between the educational moments, it was nice to see the kids being kids while enjoying activities like making hula hoops, riding in big machinery, and playing games outside. The best part was the ending because DTE enforced the importance of giving back by allowing the children to have the option to pack back packs for children who are less fortunate. This event allowed me to experience a different side of what it means to be part of DTE as a company. After this event, I felt closer to everyone and gained a larger sense of pride for the place I’m interning at.

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