At the midpoint, I can tell that I have been achieving my goals, but also am beginning to realize that perhaps I want to go into another part of the music industry. I’m very happy with my internship experience so far. I have been able to successfully learn the big picture in terms of putting on a festival. Through my internship, I have had the opportunity to hear from the heads of the departments involved in putting on music festivals including the founders, directors, artist relations, site operations, merchandise, production, media, security, shuttles, box office, sponsorship heads etc. The heads of the departments spoke with us, explaining how they got to where they are and why they chose to enter the music festival industry. After hearing from them, we got opportunity to ask questions. Typically, each session would last for about an hour, so we had plenty of time to hear from them and ask away. It was a really great opportunity to learn about the different aspects of putting on music festivals and also hear about the positions that we could have one day.

In addition to achieving my goal of learning about the music festival industry, I have been achieving my goal of making new friends and having a good time. I not only connect with the other interns really well due to our music backgrounds and interests, but we also have gotten to know each other really well due to working together all day. Now, we’re Facebook friends, have snapchat groups, hangout outside of the internship and have plans to maybe visit each other at school. The people I have been working with are easily one of the best aspects of the internship. They make the internship more fun and also keep me motivated to work hard. I am truly having a great experience.

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