Week 3 – Cusco, Peru

During this week I went to Machu Picchu. It was entertaining finding the right travel agency and debating prices. My new Italian friend, Felipo, helped me make the bargains. It was an experience that I will never forget. I hiked for 4 hours just to arrive to the town. Slept overnight and at 5am went up to the Machu Picchu ruins. I wanted to stayed there and breathe that air forever. Hiking 2 hours for the Sun Gates was also worth it. Machu Picchu looked like a miniature landscape such as those in a snow globe. I got to bond with a fellow wolverine, assistant coach to our volleyball’s team, Sean Byron, and his daughter, Calleigh. They were also volunteering through UBelong in a local school. Everyone who has the means and resources to travel should add this site to their bucket list.

In the other hand, Peru has made me appreciate the fact that knowing 2 languages proficiently is a privilege. I felt very capable while navigating the city using their public transportation system, making purchases at the different markets, having conversations with the Peruvian locals, and getting assimilated to my responsibilities at the orphanage.

I found myself actively working on my handicaps. I rarely saw the psychologist that was to instruct me. So I took the initiative to do my research, get guidance from fellow professionals, and go forth with my daily activities with the orphan children. They have grown to respect me and take our time seriously. It is clear as of now that my time here is not wasted.

Overall this was a great week.

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