Blog post #3: Presentation

I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks in my lab and studying for the MCAT, so posting another blog has not been first on my list.  To give an update on my experience, I just presented my research to the other fellows in my program and it went incredibly well.  My PI prepared me well for all questions and I felt very confident describing my research and my accomplishments.  If I haven’t mentioned this already, I am realizing the importance of seeking a mentor in a setting such as a university.  They expose you to so many different people and opportunities that will carry your future in the direction of your strengths.  Having Dr. Larkin as a mentor has taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses.  One of this being how to format a well delivered presentation.  If I have any advice to give my peers, it is to listen with open ears to all criticism you receive and understand that you are not being reprimanded for you faults, rather understand that criticism is the only way to grow.  I struggled at first received criticism for certain points of my presentation but I now know that it helped me grow incredibly.

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