Describe your favorite project or presentation that you have completed for your internship | #2

My favorite part of the internship is the final presentation – where all of your summer’s work goes into a story that you can display to people all around.  A lot of my work is image heavy since I characterize a lot of structural changes in our cells, so it is nice to be able to show my work in the form of art.  My favorite part is seeing the faces of the audience as I present my images and work and then describing the scientific and clinical implications of that work.

Having a lot of images to show my research makes telling the story easier and allows the audience to be more engaged – rather than having slides with only text and bar graphs.  Instead of telling people what I have discovered in the form of words and speech, they can visually see it themselves as the story progresses.

The final presentation is different from our lab meetings where I’d present a similar sort of power point presentation.  In lab meetings, it’s more just the raw data and discussing what it means, without all of the background information and story telling of a 10-minute talk.  However, I do like the more intensive discussions we have in lab meeting when we talk about how to make something work or what the data means to other people.  Although there is time for questions and discussion after the final presentation, the questions are more general and on the surface of my work.  In lab meetings, all of us are deeply involved in the work that everyone is doing so discussions can dive much deeper.

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