I AM a designer! | #6

Working at Zoro as a UX Design Intern definitely made myself more determined of my career interest. I think this experience exposes me to the real-world designer work, which consists of both creative and data-driven engagements.


UX Design is such an emerging field that many academic institutions have yet keep up in the forms of academic majors or rigorous courses. I feel really fortunate, however, that here at UofM, the major I am pursuing perfectly fits the career I aspire to pursue. User Experience Design demands artistic aesthetic, user-centered design thinking, user research and collaboration with developers. The well mixture of tasks keeps me motivated and excites me everyday when I get myself ready for work.


In the upcoming years at UofM, I will pursue the Bachelor of Science in Information degree, with a concentration in User Experience Design. I believe this degree will further strengthen what I acquired from this internship and lay a solid groundwork for my future career. I will also continue to pursue a minor in Entrepreneurship, as my interest in working for start-ups has boosted even more after this internship.


In all, I am really glad that I found UX Design as my ideal path. I will spare no effort in improving my academic work as well as extracurricular engagement.

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