Informational Interview 1

I did my informational interview with a pension actuary at a financial service company who has been in the industry for many years. The reason why I connected with him is that I am interested in what actuaries are doing in other fields that I may not have experience in.

The informational interview is helpful in several ways. First of all, I got the chance to have a general understanding of what are some typical responsibilities for pension actuaries as well as a typical may be like for them. Besides, I have learned more about death benefit plans (DB) and death contribution plans (DC) and an insight of what are some possible ways to improve the current situation of pension field. Last, I have obtained valuable advice on how to become a future actuary. For example, besides improving our technical skills and soft skills, we should also be alert of the changes and challenges as well as care about future plans.

In order to apply what I have learned, I will continue keeping an eye on regulation changes and new plans that emerge, and also develop my creativity to better prepare for the future challenges. Also, I will train myself to think like a future professional in the business world.

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