Informational Interview 2

For my second interview, I wanted to talk to somebody who was in the VC industry but worked at a different firm. I did some research on similar, early-stage B2B enterprise firms and found one that I thought was a good fit. My goal here was to learn a little about how their fund operated, and if they had any advice for me moving forwards as I continue to dream of one day working at a VC full time.

I learned more or less what I expected – that the firm operates pretty similarly and they are looking for similar firms. The big difference was the specific investment thesis, and hearing a little about their process and the companies that they look for made me happy that I was at the firm I was at this summer and not that one. Moreover, on the recruitment side, he gave me some advice on how I should proceed looking for jobs in venture. He suggested that I should take a look at which firms just raised new funds, because they are most likely looking for more help. He also encouraged me to continue to form and maintain relationships with people as at many firms as possible because when the time comes that some of these firms are looking to hire, I want to make sure that I’m high on their list for people to reach out to. Overall, this conversation got me excited to continue to pursue my dreams of working in venture, and it gave me some confidence that can one day enter the industry.

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