Informational Interview 2

I did my second informational interview with a manager who works an insurance company for many years. The reason why I connected with him is that I wanted to know how people starting at an actuarial job thought about their future career development differently, and learn from him to improve my communication skills, leadership and management skills.

The things I have learned from this informational interview are threefold. First of all, in order to become a future professional one may have to break the routine, challenge oneself, and develop a good understanding of human behavior. Besides, it is important for a future leader to think beyond the industry. Reading different magazines and newspapers can be a way to help one to broaden one’s horizons, gain more knowledge and understand the financial trend from a bigger picture. Last, self-management is an important quality in a candidate.

I will apply what I have learned from this informational interview as I continue striving to become a future professional. I will improve my technical skills and be aware of the technological changes that may make a huge difference on our lives. Besides, I will read articles from a variety of sources to expand my knowledge and help me think beyond the insurance industry.

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