Last Day | #5

It is the last day of my Internship. We have decided to have lunch together today. I am not the only one leaving, Ms Nauyoks is also leaving for retirement. I still remember the first day I came to this office. I was no nervous and when they asked me if I want to have something to eat, I kindly refused. But look back at past 3 months, I eventually became the person who brought Brötchen every morning when I went to work. I still remember that Ms Nauyoks brought radish every day, when she knows I like it. I also remember Jessica made phone calls to help me to find living arrangement right after she heard that I have not found an apartment. And Marcus borrowed a sport car from his brother so that I could have a test drive on the German unlimited speed highway. So I am so grateful that I have met these beautiful people and I tell myself that I will move to Europe after I graduate.

Germany is an important member of the European Union and has been one of the most developed countries in the world. The summer experience gave me a test drive of life in Europe. German studies is also my major at university of Michigan, so working experience in Germany could help my further studies, especially, deep acknowledgement of German society. I have worked as an insurance agent before. And I find it is an interesting field. I would like to pursue a career in an insurance company in the future, so the internship experience helped me to be prepared for the future career.

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