Mcubed Reflection #4

Mcubed program, in simple language, was nothing like what I expected. I was met with surprises and challenges as soon as the project started. However, because of this challenging environment and what my partner and I were able to achieve under such pressure, I became more confident in my abilities. As an amateur coder who has only taken one introductory coding class last semester, I was able to learn basic JAVA language on my own and eventually code a multi-agent system using JADE. My partner, a mechanical engineer, also tried her very best to strengthen her coding skills in order to work on this project. From literature survey to the final delivery of the program itself, my partner and I learned everything from scratch. Although the final product did not come out to be perfect, the progress in which we gave our best effort and learned many new things was the most precious part of this program for me.

Words can’t fully describe how grateful I am to have worked with my Mcubed group members and faculty members. My group members Jiaming, Emily and Christy helped me enjoy my time at the weekly seminars. We also worked cooperatively on our group blog. Because we all study computer science related subjects, we had meaningful discussions about what we study and what we want to do with our degrees after we graduate. All the Mcubed faculty members, from Dr.Luciana Aenasoaie to peer advisors Jeffrey and Isabel, tried their best to help us students feel comfortable in the program and make the most out of our research experience. Undoubtedly, my summer experience wouldn’t have been the same without the support from these faculty members and my group members.

Because this year was the first year for the Mcubed program, there are things that can be done to further improve the overall quality of student experience and the program itself. As an out-of-state student who was staying on campus by herself this summer, I felt alone sometimes. I was far away from my family and all my friends had either gone home or were studying abroad. I’m sure that many other Mcubed students were in the same situation as me. In that case, more social activities outside of work and seminars would’ve helped the students connect better with each other. Although we have one picnic for the fourth of July weekend, very few students actually participated. However, I did become very close friends with my project partner – Jasjot. We agreed to visit each other in the school year. In the end, Mcubed made my freshman year summer both challenging and rewarding. I can’t be more grateful that I decided to participate.

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