My Whale Obstacle


I was given the wonderful task of attaching 3-foot tall inflatable whales onto eight golf carts. You see, these golf carts were for the big money spender people who purchased the Big Kahuna VIP package. A couple interns and I had the responsibility to decorate the golf carts, which included attaching the large inflatable whales. However, the challenge was how to do it. These are large whales that you can’t just tape to the roofs. We had to figure out a way to tie them down to the roof, and had to find the necessary materials to do so. We go to quarter master (the king of supplies), and find some tape and fishing string. Now all we had to do was figure out a way to tie down the whales to the roofs so that they would stay on while someone was driving. We had to figure out a way to stabilize the whale so that it could withstand the wind that would come from the front it would experience on the move, and also make sure the whale was anchored down in the center of the golf cart. We certainly did not want the whale to tip over.

After much deliberation and attempts to tie down the whale, we spent an hour and a half just doing the first whale, and we had eight more to go. We spent the entire day in the hot 90-degree sun and 100% humidity. We powered through and eventually got to the point where we could finish one whale in about 30 minutes. The picture above shows our final product. We did it! We successfully completed the task we were given. The eight hours of hard work paid off.

Something happened, however. Inflatable objects naturally deflate in the sun. The next day, the whales were partially deflated. What happens when the whales are partially deflated? Suddenly, the fishing strings holding the whale down become looser because the whales are smaller and not as expansive as they once were fully inflated. As a result, the whale becomes less stable and falls on its side. This was a successful failure. On the one hand, we completed the task, which was a success. But on the other hand, it was a failure in the sense that some of the whales deflated and fell on their sides or off the golf carts. A lesson was learned. I’m sure that next year they will either get much smaller whales, or decorate the golf carts differently without the inflatables.




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