San Francisco, The Tech Mecca | Blog Post #4

San Francisco is an amazing city.

It’s known for being the home of the Golden Gate Bridge, Full House, Mrs. Doubtfire, and much more.

Recently, it’s been touted as the tech mecca of the world.

It makes sense since Silicon Valley is only a Caltrain away.

At night, the city is sort of empty, with the occasional midnight runner down Market St.

During the day, it bustles like a less busy version of New York City.

But during rush hour, you don’t see the typical New York commuters dressed up in suits.

In San Francisco, you see young faces in jeans and sneakers, with backpacks holding Macbooks and DSLRs.

You see Apple AirPods crammed in every fourth person’s ear.

You overhear investor pitch meetings at coffee shops, and you wonder, “Do people really use the “Uber for dogs,” or Airbnb for gyms?””

You walk by a park where children play and realize the headquarters of Airbnb, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are within two blocks.

The tech scene in San Francisco has become the air the citizens breathe.

I wonder, how much longer until the bubble bursts?

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