Wolverine Pathways #2

During my first week at Wolverine Pathways, I loved it. I used the time spent working to better my skills and also get some exercise in. A typical day at WP consists of breakfast, assembly, classes, lunch/recess and then ends with classes again. It’s almost like a typical day in high school.

Our breakfast is usually something like bagels and cream cheese, granola bars, fruits and apple or orange juice. Throughout the day I would stay with the then rising juniors and assist the teacher with whatever she may have needed. I used a lot of this time to connect with the scholars on a level that the teachers couldn’t. This helped me understand what parts of the program needed more attention and what parts of the program worked. I connected with the scholars so much that they allowed me to play basketball with them during recess. I must admit, although I’m young, I am no longer as nimble as I was when I was their age about 5 years ago. There were a couple times I fell trying to get the ball and I missed about 80% of all the shots I took.

Overall my second week of being an undergraduate intern at Wolverine Pathways went amazingly well. It made me realize how much I enjoy working with the youth. I’ve learned so much from the scholars and I feel that they’ve learned something from me as well. My goal for this week was to establish relationships with the scholars so that everyone felt comfortable and I feel like it was a job well done.

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