#3 | The German social life

The culture of the social life here is in many ways different in comparison to that of at home. I think people live a more relaxed lifestyle, at least in Berlin. Everybody goes to work, and afterwards everybody lays back and enjoys the view.

I believe the fact that alcohol is legal in an open setting everywhere really plays a big part in this. On any given day of the week: if the weather is nice, the parks will be full. People ride their bikes after work to Humboldthain or Mauer Park, grab some beers, a slackline, a couple guitars — and just hang out. Where in the US do you have a dozen different grassy, beautiful parks filled with people enjoying the sun and the company of others? The beer here is to blame (or not to blame.)

Here’s something else, though — if you don’t know somebody or don’t have a connection to somebody through somebody else, you don’t speak to them. People don’t talk to strangers like they do here. It’s weird. Funny, however, because on the trains everyone is staring and making eye contact with each other but nobody is actually talking.

I think it may be possible that Berliner coworkers are closer with one another than their American counterparts. I’ve never technically worked in a real position in a real US company, but from what I can tell it may be different. My coworkers and I go to different bars together, playing pool and kicker, parks and slacklines — we’re really just friends outside of the office. It’s cool.

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