American politics in Germany

I never quite knew about how dominant American culture was on the global scale until coming to Germany. American culture is really everywhere. Everyday you see Germans wearing American flag t-shirts on the street, you can hear American music playing in stores, and you can even hear Germans talking about new American film. But the thing that has amazed me the most about American culture here in Germany is the politics.

I have met so many Germans that are completely invested in American politics and the white house. Many of them, knowing far more about what is happening in the American political spectrum than myself, which was surprising as I, myself, stay well informed. I have met Germans here who spend a lot of their time perusing American political rumor websites and who have CNN text alerts set to their phones. Coming to know this fact has made me both proud to be an American, as well as a little bit ashamed that I fail to keep up with any sort of international politics.

As an American, it feels cool to see people here so interested in what is happening in my homeland. It makes me feel as if I come from the most popular and influential country in the world. It also makes me feel more at home in a completely foreign country, but having it not work in the opposite way makes me a little bit embarrassed.  It makes me feel like the when in the US, most people tend to live in their bubble and not really embrace the rest of the globe. I hope to continue to stay in the loop with Germany and other foreign countries when I venture back to the states.


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