At The End | #4

So, summer is ending and my internship is coming to an end. At this point, I am starting to reflect on my time spent in my internship. I look at the things I learned, work I completed, environment I was in, and if I could see myself working at a place like that for my future. This is where I am at:

Things I learned- I learned a good amount at my internship with the Red Cross this summer. Mostly about what the Red Cross does as a whole organization. Normally, when people think about the Red Cross they think blood drive or large disaster relief however, there are many more services the Red Cross provides. Since each Red Cross chapter is regional, the different chapters provide certain things for it’s community based on what they need. For example, in LA we have a large immigrant population so we have different programs catered towards helping them. Since I was in the International Services department, I was largely helping with those programs.

Work I completed- This is the part that I wish I had more to say. I definitely completed a lot of smaller projects like writing weekly blogs, helping with outreach events, completing outreach packets, etc. But my big projects I did not “complete” by the end of my time. One of my events was planning an outreach event for the African community. The event is going to be at beginning of September so I could not see it through. My other big event was making connections with local public health organizations and universities in LA that wanted to form a partnership about a Red Cross initiative about Measles and Rubella. I did what I could do during my time there but never officially completed the projects.

Environment- I loved the environment I was in. The people I worked with were such a joy to work with and the people I worked for were accommodating and helpful.

Future- I love what nonprofits do and stand for but I am still not sure that I could see myself being happy in that career permanently. I could definitely spend some time there but I don’t think it is my calling. What is reassuring to know is that nonprofit organizations always have volunteer opportunities so even if I am not employed by the nonprofit I can still be involved in it.

Overall, I definitely gained knowledge and perspectives from this internship.

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