Blog #4: Mid-Point Check Ins

Wow oh wow! What an experience my summer has been at Wine n’ Dine HQ thus far. So many amazing and timeless opportunities have been gifted to me this past month, and I was fortunate enough to take advantage of all them.

I’d like to take this mid point check in to identify the rose and the thorn of my internship experience up until this point. My rose, being one of the best parts of my internship experience, has to be my opportunities to network at Wine n’ Dine Events/Restaurant Openings. Being that Wine n’ Dine’s user and customer base revolves around food oriented institutions, their connections with famous agencies and people alike are quite immense. I’ve been lucky enough to meet social media influencers such as @weworewhat, Olivia Perez, Anwar Hadid, the founder of Vice Media and Munchies, along with many, many others. Being given the opportunity to meet people like these, many of whom I’ve looked up to for a long time, gives me hope that the things I want in life, the person who I want to be, and the people who I want to surround myself with, aren’t far out of my reach.

Moving onto my thorn, the portion of my internship that has given me challenges, I would have to say organization has given me the greatest opposition. Being that Wine n’ Dine is still in its startup phase, things change at the drop of a hat and sometimes I didn’t know what was gonna happen when I walked into the office on a day-to-day basis. The disorganization that I have experienced thus far, I feel, has restricted me from learning all I can about the tech-media industry. While I felt at times I should’ve been given more opportunities to learn, I saw that I was cleaning up messes and doing rudimentary tasks unrelated to the company’s mission/goal. I hope that my experiences from here on out with give me the necessary tools to further my pursuit in one day being apart of an industry as such.

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