Blog #5: Overcoming Obstacles

Although my Wine n’ Dine internship this summer has gifted me with the rewards of hard work and dedication, my day-today tasks do bring about obstacle and challenge, some of which test my abilities both as a human being and as an intellectual. As stated in my previous post, one of the main issues I’ve been having recently is the lack of organization and temperament at the core of a startup environment.

My frustrations with the disorganization that I am exposed to at Wine n’ Dine, stem from the unpredictable nature of a start up company. My challenges with the “up in the air” way of working is not a reflection of the incapabilities of Wine n’ Dine co-founders Adam and Josh, but rather the covert and inherent nature of start ups. An example of a challenge that I face on a weekly basis is the constant remaking of menu spreadsheets and single platform inputs. Although I of course understand that in a business setting, things are constantly changing, it has come to a point that I am starting to feel that it is my own error, rather than the path that a start up takes, which is progressing the type of disorganization that I am constantly being challenged with.

A solution that I have hypothesized, one which may seem too simple and rudimentary, is to ask questions at every stage of production, no matter the task. I’ve come to learn that when business is at stake and money is on the line, no question is a stupid question. “It’s easier to be safe than sorry,” as one of my bosses, Adam, loves to remind us interns all the time. Implementing this small, yet vital habit into my day-to-day tasks has both boosted my level of confidence as a member of the Wine n’ Dine team as well as the overall production of my jobs as an intern.

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