Blog#6 Connecting studies to academic exploration

It’s easy for me to say this internship is what I want to do in a near future. I am not talking about 5,6 years, being a quant may be a good first-job for me. I am a Data Science major, it;s new major combining math, stats, and cs. During the work,  most of the skills I learnt have been used. But the more you learn the more you realize how ignorant you are. Being a quant researcher, we will be confronted with different kinds of problems every day, different models are used under different circumstances. No matter how much we learn in the class, there is still something you have to pick up yourself. I have to build a firm foundation before I get into the workforce, thus when I pick up something new on the job, it’s will be easier if I have some background knowledge.

Class wise, I am going to learn machine learning next semester, it’s definitely a big trend in this business. And I am going to pick up some for coding class and time series class. Taking class is the least thing I can do to prepare myself. I should pay more attention to the market. Before this internship, I care a lot about my GPA, but after this, I realize that people who get a higher score may not be the ones who truly understand the topic. I want to the latter ones.



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