Career path

This internship has offered so insights into the different working styles of different departments and companies since we worked with various major companies. I would say that in many ways it has opened my eyes and mind, making it much clearer in what I actually want to do.

When I first started my internship, I was hoping to either increase my marketing skills in some way (maybe learn a bit from our graphics designer or plan some events), something where you could see the results of what one would do, but none of that happened. Instead I was handed the job of writing up the company’s daily blog. I later learned that even though our company did that, the marketing team of most other companies focused more on the other marketing departments such as designing. Since I did not learn enough from our marketing department, I don’t think that marketing might be the best career path to take.

That being said, through this internship I did learn a lot of other skills including cold calling, communication and interpersonal skills. I also interviewed many people for my company and learned a few HR skills. For my future career, I would like to do either a job in human resources or business development. I was hoping to do a HR job in the Disney company, and I hope to achieve this with the skillset I learned during the internship.

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