Farewell and Reflections

Wow! What a wonderful experience. These past seven weeks have been such a blessing. I came into the internship very unsure as to what I want to do with my life after college, but my time here has totally changed that. I have always played with the idea of the medical field and the past two months have solidified that greatly. I enjoyed being able to explain to my family all the different conditions that I encountered, and that feeling will only be enhanced by the fact that I will be able to be helping patients if I continue to be a doctor. I also liked the impact that can be seen when the doctors have patients back for follow-ups it was definitely satisfying to know that we were helping people.


Another cool thing that I really liked about my internship was the fact that I got to go see what it would be like to be an ophthalmologist. Being able to watch Dr. Simpson and Dr. Rhem was really cool, because they were physically reshaping the eye. Having the ability to reshape the eye of a patient to allow them to see is very, very cool.


While surgery is fascinating, there were some things that I liked about the optometry side of things more. They get to see more patients, and help more people, and they get to develop relationships with their patients through annual visits that ophthalmologists don’t because usually the goal of surgery is to not have to see a patient again.


Interning at Holt Eye Care has been such an eye opening experience for me, pun intended. I learned so much about eyes and myself in a very welcoming environment. I built up a great relationship with the staff, and they must have enjoyed my presence because they offered to have me back as an optometric tech next summer. I’m not yet sure if I should take them up on it, but I know if I do it will be another wonderful learning opportunity.

Pearson Miller

Rising Sophomore, Marching Trumpet, Scholar for Life

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