Heading Home | 8

After a long flight, I’ve finally returned home! I’m glad to have been given this opportunity to work abroad. I can’t wait to take about my experience when I return to Michigan.

This internship has been a great reinforcement for my plans to work in the field of biology. While working here, I have found that I enjoy both fieldwork and lab work. Thanks to this, my options are a lot more open when it comes to selecting a job related to biology.

If anyone else were to do the same internship I did, I have some advice for them. When you arrive in Piran, make sure you make yourself known to the people who work at the Marine Biology Station. Also, make sure you know what your strengths and weaknesses are beforehand so that you can work on both through the projects you can find in the institution. But, most importantly, have fun! Slovenia is a wonderful place to live in and explore. Plus, you’ll be able to visit both Italy and Croatia on the weekends!

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