Here’s Some Advice For DC Interns | #5

I would like to give some advice to future students who are interested in pursuing media internships in Washington DC. I think it is important to be patient. It is unrealistic to expect to be published by major media outlets when you are just beginning. While you are waiting for your opportunity to begin writing, it is best to help out reporters around the office in any way possible. This will show great initiative and reporters will be impressed and appreciate your help.

I also think it is important to remember that no task is beneath you. Even if you are asked to do a tedious task, do it with as much enthusiasm as possible. This will show that you are humble and are willing to help the company in any way possible.

I also cannot emphasize how important it is to network. Try to grab coffee or lunch with someone at your company or in your desired field at least once a week. Whenever I asked someone to grab coffee they always said yes. You would be amazed how willing people in DC are to helping young people out.

Also, while in DC try to take advantage of all the opportunities that the city offers. Go to all the museums, see the monuments at night with friends, tour the White House, and try to see Congress in session. There is too much going on in DC to not take advantage of it.

I hope this advice helps any students who is thinking about working in media or interning in DC. DC is an incredible experience and I would recommend it to any student who is ambitious and has a passion for politics and government.

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