Sea Change | #3

So today was the premiere for Sea Change and I was invited to the screening and the after party. A part of me was resistant in going but I felt that it would be a great networking opportunity (and why not get free food!). I get to the theater and see all these fancy dressed people (now the pressure begins). I sit next to the other interns and chat up about our work days thus far. One of them mention how a development coordinator from Atlanta came to the office and is in the row in front of us. I say “Which one?” but unfortunately said it a bit too loud so he looks back and there begins an awkward stare down for 3 seconds.

After that, We watched the film. The movie is about a couple that kayaks from Africa to New York (I know that’s crazy but it happened). Overall the film showed the company’s motto “Everything but the Everyday”. I highly suggest you guys watch it! (shameless plug).

We walk to the bar after the screening. Us nervous interns sit together as everyone is mingling. Us interns than begin to strategize how to network in this setting and to who. We all picked our targets then awkwardly waited for an opening to arise. I kept telling them that I was going to do it but when an opportunity came up I would freeze. I realized that the biggest part of doing something that makes you nervous is the leap to do it. Life doesn’t wait for you, so you just have to do it (like Nike). So he goes to the bar to get another drink and I walk stern and confident and say “Hey! Are you Alcide?” And then began a great conversation about his work as a entertainment lawyer, his clients and how I can break as a potential marketer in the music industry. I asked for his card (ALWAYS ASK FOR THE CARD!) and he gladly handed me one.

I had a long train ride home that night and reflected about how half the battle to professional life is showing up and speaking up.


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