Voyage Anywhere | #3

Here’s a shot from the “Voyage Anywhere” campaign that launched during the course of my internship. Reef launched the “Voyage” line of weatherproof boots and premium leather sandals. Primarily known as a sandal company, launching boots is a big step for Reef! I was so excited to watch this develop from a creative and marketing standpoint. The marketing team worked really hard to put this campaign together, highlighting the weatherproof elements of the boots in various environments. They paired the images with a fun video featuring their influencers, which you can view here.

I learned a lot about the creative process by watching this come to life. As the only intern in the marketing department, I had the opportunity to sit in on creative brainstorm and branding meetings. The team was so friendly and welcoming, I never felt uncomfortable sharing my opinion in meetings.


I'm an incoming Senior from San Diego, CA. This summer, I am working as an ECommerce Marketing Intern at REEF! I'm super excited to learn more about the action sports industry, surf culture, and ECommerce Marketing!

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