Blog # 4: Influence of Internship on Future?

This Summer has gone by so fast! I know that my experiences from day one have contributed to fact that I can’t believe it’s already over. I was immersed in everything, from the spontaneous Salt N Pepa concerts to sailing for the first time. The largest influence this internship has had on my life is realizing that the ‘business world’ and corporate experience might not be entirely for me…yet. Although I excelled at my daily tasks, supported coworkers, achieved long and short-term goals, and presented a challenging project to my superiors, I honestly could not take being in a cubicle most of the day. The walls felt constricting and I didn’t get to truly speak with people, socialize, interact, and do the ‘hands on’ things I would typically like to be doing.

I enjoyed the work I did, although a bit mundane at times, and loved the opportunities I had to interact with people more than anything. For example, Cars&Caffeine, interviewing clients, making connections around town and throughout the company, and attending various events. I realized that in business, the ‘ladder’ is very real and there’s essentially one starting place for everyone: the ‘bottom.’ The concept of working my way up isn’t daunting or a turn-off for me, but the setting in which I do it definitely changes things.

Becuase of this, I realized that my career path is becoming narrowed down more and more as the days go by. I know I want to work with people, not just for them. I know I eventually want to be my own boss and have begun thinking about other professions that are similar to my intended path of clinical psychology. Although I love the business world and did well, I know my career will need to give me a bigger sense of ‘purpose’ than, for example, car insurance. I like to talk, present, write, read, and use all of those things to my advantage- and hopefully to the advantage of whichever company, private practice, or group I end up working for/with. Back to the ‘future’ drawing board! Internship countdown: 5 days.

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