Blog #4 Last Week

I wasn’t sure what I would expect at the end of my internship; the experience had been so meaningful, and so eye-opening, that nothing else could surprise me. When I began this internship I thought it would open me to some roads less traveled But in the end, I ended up realizing that it had a far more important impact on me that I imagined. Thanks to this internship, I got to meet people from all over the world–California, Alaska, China, Australia, South Africa–and hear their stories. I appreciate all the things that I learned, and the people that I learned it from, especially my mentor, Mike Tave.

This last week has been pretty routine: we checked-in guests into our units, finalized real estate transactions, and moved furniture into units that needed re-decoration. Surprisingly, this easy routine had been something I dreaded at the beginning of this internship. It requires so much of what I didn’t have: common sense, salesmanship, and being a handyman. When I tried to think of a way to solve these problems, I remember something my professor once said: “the best way to run a code is to run it.” Likewise, the best way to hone your problem solving skills, is, by solving problems. By doing it, the things you worry about become illusions, and they vanish with each repetition. I learned a lot more than that, but if that had been the only lesson that I learned, then it would still be worth it.

I will save my reflections for my next and final blog. Hopefully after three months of internship and reflection, I can come up with something smart to say.

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