Blog #6: Connecting Your Studies to Your Academic Experience

As my internship begins to come to a close, I have begun to contemplate and reflect on the impact such an experience has had and will have on my academic path in the future. The first thing that comes to mind revolves around my new acquisition of office culture and dynamic. My time here at Wine n’ Dine has exposed me to the joyous and necessary dynamics that must thrive and con-exist amongst peers in an office setting. Although this does not only directly apply to the tech-startup environment, but I thought it to be necessary to proclaim.

My understanding of office culture, especially that of a start up environment, is crucial in understanding what I need to learn and acquire before I am fully ready to take on such a role. Due to the fact that startups are prone to the constant spouting and pitching of ideas, I will need to learn to always be on my toes and in constant mode of thinking about “what next, what must happen next?”

A way to quantify this in an academic sense has lead me to start to look into classes at the University of Michigan’s School of Information. The class offerings, ranging anywhere from coding, computer engineering, media analytics, and the study of social media, lie right with the functions and goals of a company like Wine n’ Dine. I hope that getting back to school in the fall will allow me to continue my pursuit in being a member of the tech-media world.

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