Coming to a Close | #4

As my internship is coming to a close, there is only one thing on my mind—will I be receiving a full time offer? I have come to love this firm, its people and its culture and I could not dream of starting my career anywhere else. Through out the past eight weeks, I have received very positive feedback from my managers and directors. I have also built very strong relationships with most everyone on my team. I definitely believe that my positive experiences will result in a full time offer.

As I am pretty confident about receiving an offer, I have already begun to think about my permanent move to the Windy City. This summer was definitely an adjustment from Michigan small town living. The city is intimidating, noisy and quite frankly, a little lonely. I think that if I am in Chicago full time, I will prefer to live in a northern neighborhood rather than right in downtown. I would also like to find a roommate—living alone was not for me! I suppose I will get around to figuring out the details within the next year. Fingers crossed that I get an offer!

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