First day in the office | #2

Like lots of other production companies flowing in this field, my boss has built a small but nice office in westland, Michigan.
I walked into the office, with several macs and a huge equipment room, neat and clean.
The crew has only 8 team members, the equipment was pretty nice. My boss introduced me to a recently graduated student, who is also from U of M and majored in Screen Arts and Culture. I was introduced to their working flow.
The weddings are often divided into several sections, girls and guys getting ready, first look, ceremony, picture session, cocktail hour, reception and dance. The crew’s job is to keep track of each session and make the bride and groom look good in front of the camera. After that, they took the video into office and make it into excited and amazing short videos, like a documentary movie of the big day.
Most of their jobs are about wedding photo and videos, their weekends are usually occupied by the weddings and I can tell by my imagination that it is going to be a very tough but meaningful summer.

One thought on “First day in the office | #2

  • August 20, 2017 at 7:48 am

    On my first day, I know I was a little stressed over things but once you get into the hang of it, you will get your footing and things just start to work out. Congratulations on getting past the first day!


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