4th of July on the South Lawn | #3

A part of the 4th of July Celebration at the White House included a Military Appreciation Event that was hosted on the South Lawn. I was lucky enough to be chosen to volunteer for this special event that took advantage of an opportunity to give thanks to members of our nation’s military and their families for all of their sacrifices.


Although it did start raining early in the day, the rain did subside just in time for President Trump to address the crowd of thousands. During his speech he recognized and thanked all of the branches of the military that were represented at the gathering. He also took a moment to recognize a few special individuals that he felt embodied the, “rare combination of patriotism, virtue, and courage that our citizens have always admired and that our enemies have always feared.” This speech was truly something special for me, especially on the 4th of July, because my grandfather was an officer in the Navy and was invited to a similar event at the White House under the Eisenhower administration.


Between the effects the President’s speech had on me along with the (semi) parallel experience between my grandfather and I, I thought the day couldn’t get more patriotic. That was, until later in the evening when I was privileged enough to watch the National Fireworks light up our Nation’s Capital from the South Lawn. The fireworks were shot off from the Lincoln Memorial and I couldn’t have had a better experience, especially considering the Marine Band was playing tunes like Yankee Doodle and the Star Spangled Banner for the length of the light show.

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