#8 informational interview

Among my 50+ coffee chats with people at NT, there are so many people that inspired me and have an influence on my career decision to a certain degree. Another person I want to mention here is a NT partner that has worked in their London, Singpore and Chicago office. I am impressed  by his global mindset at his age and realized that having an international and global horizon is very important in today’s business world.

He is a newly college graduate from Indiana. He started his career with NT though the rotational development program, which is also what I have applied. He rotated in the investment track among three different desks – equity research, wealth management and investment strategy. Instead of doing the three rotations in Chicago, he applied to rotate globally – he did equity research in London, wealth management in Singapore and investment strategy in Chicago. He shared with me how different the culture at different office is and the asset management business in different areas. He also shared how phenomenal the  views and horizons he built by working globally is to his career development later on. I was totally impressed by him that he could have such awesome expierneces and global horizons when chatting with him. I decided I want to take the advantage of NT’s rotational program to work in other international office if I am fortunate enough to get a full-time there.


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