#7 informational interview

Through out my internship at Northern Trust, I have been always taking the initiative to reach out to people, grab coffee and conduct informational interview, especially in the last two weeks when the interviews for full -time opportunity were coming up. I have grabbed coffee and met with almost 50 Northern Trust Partners. Some people I met had pheonemonal influence on my career later on.


I met with one guy from 50 south capital at NT, an Altervative fund which is a subsidiary of NT. I met with him to learn more about Alts – Private Equity and Hedge Fund of Fund. He shared with me the Alternative business in the market as well as at NT – what’s investing landscape, growing potentials/margins, business model and what candidates they are looking for. I have always been interested in Alts but I didn’t haven access to this asset class back at school. After the informational interview, I think I want to pursue a job specifically in Alts because I want to work in a more transactional focused  and fast paced environment. Also even Alts contribute to a small portion of the AUM and generate the most revenue for a bank. Moreover, I will work directly with PE/HG fund working in Alsts, which offers me a great chance to dive deep to learn private equity and hedge fund.

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