Blog#4 Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.

My favorite experience as an intern was when I was able to go with my bosses to look at propspective venues for a fundraiser my company was putting on. This was fun for me because I was able to be a part of a big thing for the company. Since the fundraiser is oneof the main things that they are doing this year, it made me feel important to go visit the venues to the fundraiser is at the best possible place. Furthermore I really enjoyed this experience because it allowed me to see different parts of Chicago. Since I am not from here, being able to go to different parts of Chicago has allowed me to feel more part of the city.

One thing that I realized from visiting the prospective venues was that it’s “fun” to leave the office. Although, I definitely see myself working in an office environment, I do see how being able to leave the office and go on “field trips” can give you a nice break from sitting at your desk all day. This is definitely something I should think about when I am looking for jobs in the future.

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