Ending of My Internship | Blog Post #5

The environment at The Giving Factory is so welcoming. The events that were hosted and the activities we conducted on certain days to make that environment fun for everyone. On Mondays specifically, we had “Monday Funday” where everyone had different tasks to do around the warehouse, so that every shift runs smoothly. Similarly, on Fridays, we had days called “Summer Fridays” where some of the staff are able to leave earlier than the regular hours. They believe that every member should have a small break, especially on Fridays. The small things and events that are hosted at Cradles to Crayons are the type of events that make the environment friendly and welcoming.

The Cradles to Crayons message made me reflect of how the community is around the warehouse. Every time I stood up in front of a volunteer group, I would tell the volunteers our mission and the purpose we run the warehouse. Every day I learned a new fact about children living in these conditions, and it was heart breaking to say these facts. Additionally, there were some volunteer shifts where the children who received the donations came to the warehouse personally to receive their KidPacks. The faces of the children when they received their KidPacks and saw their clothes, shoes, toys, books, and school supplies made me love my internship much more. Completing this internship really made me reflect on my career path and see what I would like to pursue.

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