From Welcome Fish to Going Away Corn | #10

After three months in Japan I am finally home.

While there it felt like that was my new life, that I was never going home. Now that I am home it all feels like a dream that all happened within a span of a second.

I waited to write this final post because it never felt like the right time. Couldn’t do it the last night because what if something happened during my last morning. Couldn’t do it the following week because I was exploring Japan and it still didn’t feel like it was over. Couldn’t do it when I was back in America because  I just couldn’t think of the right words to say. Something final without meaning the end and something personal without being too cheesy to those reading it. I could write a post the length of a novel and it still wouldn’t be sufficient, nor would the style reflect me as a person.

Although I never got to go down the giant slide, I was able to accomplish so much at Moriumius. My biggest accomplishment is my newfound pride in myself that stems from knowing that I have the courage to face any challenge put in front of me. I thought I was doing an internship to strengthen my job skills (which of course I did as well), but it turned out to be much more about personal growth. Now I understand that it doesn’t matter what job it is or what kind of experience you have, the most important thing is to be confident in yourself first and then use the job setting to continue growing as a person while you learn to be competent within that position.

The conclusion to my blog is simply this: If the me from three months ago could see me now, I know she would be proud of me and that truly is the most important thing about this experience.


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