Interview #2

For my last, but definitely not least blog, I decided to interview Chase Zimmerman. Chase manages the band Acting Natural, who I had the pleasure of meeting. I highly recommend listening to their music as they are amazing! I reached out to Chase since he is on a different side of the industry I was interning in. When interviewing Chase, he informed me that he initially thought he wanted to work in a completely different industry. Though, he has always enjoyed the music business and jumped in when the opportunity presented itself. Like many others, Chase said that the music industry “comes down to a lot of networking.” One main takeaway from this summer: network, network, network! He went on, that once you take the time to meet people and treat them well, you will create outlets to help you get whatever you need done. He finds his work both fun and rewarding “to see clients grow and become popular, build a fan base and ultimately become ‘rock stars’.” A question I had asked in my past interview that I decided to ask Chase, was what is one piece of advice for anyone looking to land their first job? Chase responded with inspiring words. He said, “Failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is just a step on the road to success. Never give up and dream big!” These are most definitely words to live by and that I will use to encourage my future endeavors. I look forward to chasing my dreams and never giving up.

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