New places, new people| #2

From the short time I have been working this internship, I have learned an incredible amount. From drafting professional emails, communicating effectively with coworkers and my supervisors, even learning how to use and fix a printer. It’s true, my second week I almost broke the very expensive printer by loading it with cardstock- I was not aware that there was a separate setting. This is something you have to live to learn.

One of the best parts of this internship is all of the people I have gotten to know and learn from. In particular, I have found a great mentor in my supervisor, Hannah. She is my immediate supervisor and is part of the team that hired me for the summer. We bond in that she is a University of Michigan alum, which made coming to L.A. so much easier, knowing that I would be going in already having that special connection. I really do believe that great mentors breed great mentors, which makes this internship that much more meaningful in terms of my professional career. What makes Hannah a great mentor is that I am not afraid or intimidated to ask her anything, no matter how stupid I think the question is. In my mind, I would rather ask a lot of questions beforehand so I can do my job more efficiently. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be afraid to ask your boss for help or guidance. We recently went out for coffee and had a really informative, though not intimidating, conversation about what I plan on doing post grad and what my career goals are at this time.

Additionally, my internship at Clique Media Group has introduced me to a really great group of interns from all across the country. Most of the interns I have met originate from Los Angeles. I am the only one from Michigan! However, they go to universities across the country such as the University of Delaware and Tulane. Being able to form friendships in this short period of time is remarkable. I will be sad to go, but I know that I will remain in contact with these new relationships. 

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