Tickets | #5

I have always been a kid who likes to be challenged. In high school, I was the one taking the more advanced classes, risking a worse grade because I could not be in a class where I was not being challenged. Throughout my work experience there have been many obstacles that I faced. During my internship last summer, my team and I faced small obstacles every game. But we worked together to overcome them within record time. It was never anything I couldn’t handle.

This year my internship was different, as I have stated before. The first big obstacle I had to face was adjusting to the type of work and the work environment. While it sounds like a minuscule challenge, for me it may have been the most challenging. It has taken me almost the entire summer to feel confident and comfortable in my office. Due to the work the office does, it tends to be slower in the summer; this as a result has halted my progress in being busy and confident that the work I was completing was valued.

I overcame this obstacle with another. When the tickets for the season came in, I was incredibly busy. They put me in charge of assigning over 1,000 tickets to various clients and companies. I had to make sure that returning clients/companies were seated close to their seats from the previous year, and I had to create new “season” ticket packs from the single allotted tickets. All of this while my regular intern assignments were piling up. Though this alleviated my first challenge of finding things to do, I suddenly had a new problem on my hands. That problem became “missing tickets.”

To clarify, no tickets were lost in the process; however, there were several occasions were I handed out tickets to the sales reps without recording the seat location. This becomes a problem, because when I went back to input other tickets or look for a client, I had too many clients that needed assigning but not enough tickets. I spent the better part of an entire workday trying to figure out what happened by speaking to my supervisor and the rest of the office about the tickets they had in their possession. Luckily enough, no one had mailed out their tickets and I was able to located the clients/companies that hadn’t been recorded.

Even though this incident put a great amount of stress on me and the office, I have found myself enjoying the work I do much more than earlier this summer. Without challenges and tasks to complete, I feel as though my work is not valued. Throughout these obstacles, I have found value and challenges that come with this job that have given my experiences to speak to and skills to demonstrate in the future.

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