Toronto | #4

As my time is quickly wrapping up here in Ontario, I’d like to write a little bit about the projects that I’ve been working on over the last six weeks or so. Firstly, one of my main responsibilities whiles being here has been to write and develop the bylaws that will govern the club. As a pre-law student, this task was the most exciting to me and the chance to dive into some legal writing is an opportunity that I am grateful for. After referencing several other clubs’ bylaws, I wrote Toronto’s and cycled it through a revision process multiple times. As it stands now, it obviously still needs to be run past an actual lawyer, but things are looking good for this club’s journey to becoming a recognized non-profit in the province of Ontario.

Secondly, I’ve been working on building the club’s website. Having come into this experience will very little experience with how to start and develop a website, I’ve learned a ton about wordpress this summer, and hope that it will be skill that will come in handy down the road. We launch the website in full in September and I am excited that part of my work will be available for the world to see. I definitely took many facets of the internet for granted until I started working with it in a more technical sense, so I’m much more thankful and appreciative now of those who use their time and professions to work on this sort of stuff full time.

I’ve had a great time working on these projects but I’m certainly looking forward to heading back to Ann Arbor soon!


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