#1 – Starting Off

Due to very sad and unexpected circumstances, the first couple weeks of my internship were a little more chaotic than I originally expected. Left without a boss, the Post Production Team (Merek and I), have been trying to get familiar with things on our own. It looks as if the head of the Videography department, Morgan, is going to step in, at least for the time being.


So far, we have just been getting oriented with the festival and learning about how it all works. We got to tour the two main theaters in town, The State and Bijou, and got some training on the projectors. Having never been in the projection booth at a movie theater, this was a pretty unique experience for me. We’ve been told that much of our job in the office will be creating DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) and testing them on the projectors. Learning about how this format works and how the projectors ingest the content really makes me realize how much more there is I don’t know.


We also got the official style guide for the festival this week. The theme seems to be dots, lime green, and orange. A lot of people in the office aren’t big fans of this style and I’m not sure how it will look in the end but I think that it has potential. Merek and I have started doing some animating in After Effects for screen washes and the logos. I have to say that I really feel like I’m learning more about the program just by messing around than I ever did in school. I’ve learned a ton from Merek who seems to have mastered every Adobe program there is.


I’m really grateful how friendly the office environment is and I’m really looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with the people I have met so far.

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