#2 – Movie Madness

We’ve had some fun in the last week working in the theaters and being a part of the Film Festival’s presence in town. Our internship requires that we work shifts at the two theaters that the Film Festival owns. It has really been a lot of fun selling tickets and making popcorn for the movie goers. You really get a sense of how excited everyone is to see the movie and how thankful they are for the volunteers that work there. Both these theaters are completely volunteer run year round. All the volunteers I have worked with so far have been enthusiastic and really happy to be able to help. I’ve had a good time getting to know them and it really shows how invested the community is in films and the film culture.


One of the perks of this internship is the access to free movies as well as screenings of movies that haven’t been released yet. I really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman for the first time and I do think it lived up to all the hype. One of the films that was screened as a test for the festival was Ingrid Goes West. This film delves into the world of social media and its weird disconnect with real life. As someone who uses social media on a regular basis, I found this film to be extremely relatable, and I felt as if it hit too close to home. It does a good job of showing the dark side of social media from a real life and relatable perspective. I do feel that it has a specific target audience and that some people outside of the age range it was intended for might not appreciate the commentary. The most recent movie that we saw was Baby Driver, probably my favorite that I’ve seen this year. The action is exciting and there is plenty of humor. My favorite part however is the score and how well it plays into the film. This film is built around the music which makes it so much fun to watch.

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