#4 – Craziness Before the Festival

This past week has been the busiest of the internship so far. With festival so close, it seems like there ten times as many things to get done. We have been encoding like crazy, trying to get everything ready and tested in time for the showings. One of the difficulties of working with such a large group of people on one project is that there are conflicting or unclear instructions for how something should be done. This has caused us to have to redo some of our work multiple times in order to get it in the format that is approved by everyone. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that the post production manager who has been there for a decade is no longer there, meaning that there is a lot we have to figure out on our own.


Not only am I learning a lot about film and the film festival, I am also learning how to be productive and helpful in an office environment. I think the communication skills and interpersonal skills I have learned will be just as valuable moving forward as the video and film skills. I’m very happy to be working in a place that I can learn both. As we’ve come closer to the festival’s start, it has amazed me how much hard work people have put into making it a reality. This is something that these people care about and something that they continue coming back to do every year. It has been inspirational to see everything coming together to make this whole festival happen.

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